The Centennial Regatta of the Christchurch, New Zealand Model Yacht CLub

19 September 1998

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The plaque says it all.


The leeward and windward ends of beautiful Lake Victoria, or to be traditional, Victoria Water, one of the finest free-sailing venues in the world. The lake is in Hagley Park in Christchurch, next to a magnificent botanical garden and in the center of a jewel of a city. The lake is fed by artesian wells and like most bodies of water in New Zealand, running and still, is almost crystal clear.

The club's boathouse by the lake.


The club sails two distinctive classes of boats. The R/C boat on the left is a Canterbury J, a 48" LOA boat based on the J Class "Ranger." The free-sailing boat on the right is one of the traditional "Four Foot Six" class boats. Twenty of these were restored and sailed for the Regatta. (Left photo, and restorations, by Euan Sarginson)

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